I see beauty in the most unlikely of places,

I see art from angles unperceived,

I see pain in the happiest of faces,

I see strength in those who believe.

Armed with my camera I'll capture it all,

From the highest mountain, to the meadow hill.

The victors, the perils, the rise and the fall,

As parts of my life become Suddenly Still.

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Jim is such a talented photographer with a great eye for composition. ~ Jennifer R.

Just got my order in the mail and your work just blew me away! TY!!!!!!! ~ Theresa W.

Love the quality of the work, just beautiful pictures. I received a beautiful gift that James donated to our club for gifts. Outstanding! ~ Cathie - Bobcat Farm

Your pictures from the hunts are nothing short of breathtaking. Congrats.

Great work! I hope you get the accolades you deserve. Really impressive. You totally captured the feel of the hunt. I felt like I was there. ~Anna J.

Huge thank you to Suddenly Still for capturing our farm family photo, with our horses, goat and chicken. Couldn't have asked for a more perfect outcome. We had so much fun, James was very patient, and extremely prepared for all the craziness that was going on, and turned it into a lot of laughs and good times. ~Jennifer D.

I've hired James a few times to take pictures of my granddaughter. He is friendly, patient and skilled. Shooting a toddler can be difficult especially in a new environment. James allows the time to compensate for unpredictable behavior. His work is perfect and detailed. I consider him to be my personal photographer especially with all the important dates where I want to make sure I have a beautiful piece of work and memory! Thank you James for all you've done for me. See ya soon!  ~Megan Z.

Great guy, great photos and a lot fun to be around. Thanks for all u do! ~Melissa

Very professional and amazing shots! ~Jordann S.

We had many laughs thru the afternoon, James was patient and passionate with his work. I couldn't have asked for better family photos and beautiful memories for a lifetime to share. Thank you for coming out and making time away from your home and giving us this opportunity to make lasting moments. Baby Autumn pics will be next. Your very blessed and do a wonderful job. ~ Candy L.

James was wonderful to work with - friendly and willing to go the extra mile. Photos came out lovely. Am taking the grandkids next week!! ~ Diane C.

Fyi: I learned about you and your photos by way of a Facebook posting and link by one of the participants at that show. From there your pictures sell themselves.~ Sue K.

Thank you so much for the wonderful photos.. I bought some downloads as well as prints. Cant wait to get them..~ Melissa L.

Thank you so much for all you do, not only with your wonderful,and beautiful photography skills, but your great personality ..~Anonymous

James was very calm and did his best to make us look as if we were not posing. He took our wedding pictures in Vermont and we are very happy with the photos he took. Color and black and white, very nice. Highly recommend.~Vicky B.

James did an excellent job photographing our wedding. He took his time editing and making them the best they could be. He even made a beautiful slide presentation of all the photos to our first dance song. He had the best price around too! He is professional and also friendly. I strongly suggest hiring him for any event, he took beautiful action photos as well as the basic family photos. He would be the perfect photographer for everything!~Adonia L.

Working with him is very easy. He got us in very quickly and was very easy to work with. I love how my pictures turned out and will go back again.~Niki R. James is very flexible and patient when it comes to photographing children. When he was photographing my son he didn't give me a time limit on his shoot as children can be unpredictable with temperaments and he wants to get the best shots. Shortly after our photo shot with him, we had another experience with him at school and he did a great job with all the children. His prices are reasonable and he is very easy to talk to about what you want and everything is done in a timely manner. I would definitely go to him again!!!!!!!!!!!~Randi W.

He was wonderful, creative and patient with my two nieces. He was very thorough and then I had such a hard time choosing which portraits I wanted...for I wanted them all! He also made custom frames for my selections and I will never go anywhere else for photo shoots! Very reasonable prices.~Kathy D.

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